The Fabulous Full House at Pratibha’s Diwali Party

Chicago IL: The Diwali Party presented by Pratibha Jairath (of Bollywood Sargam) in association with Altaf Bukhari of A B Entertainment was held at Ashyana Banquets on Nov 16th 2018. It was once again, a roaring success with over 500 people attending the event with Bollywood music and dance theme. It may have been a gray and dreary evening outside but inside, the hall was charged up with the amazing intensity of ladies dressed in jazzy, vibrant colors and men had equally matched them with their formal attire.

The evening started with warm welcome and Diwali greetings by the host Pratibha Jairath. She reminded the significance of Diwali, how it was celebrated in our diverse India and actually all over the world. She pointed out that same diversity was evident in the audience tonight.

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Ms Jairath invited the Chief Guest Mr. Anil Loomba of Home Mortgage Solution for Lamp lighting. It was exciting to see that he brought his new grandson to stage. She proceeded further to invited other Guests of honors, Sponsors and supporters including Mr. Sunil Shah, Mr. Mayur Ganger, Dr Anuja Gupta, Mr. Brij Sharma, Mr. Ramanna Adhiraju, Mr. Altaf Bhukhari, Mr. Om Dhingra and Mr. Surinder Jain of Ashyana.

The musical concert started with sit down session by Pratibha Jairath in pink Sari that matched the neon pink LED light used in the décor of the hall. She presented a variety of songs, including “Suno Sajna Papihe ne”a song with a slight classical touch. Her rendition of the haunting melody ‘Yaara sili sili’ brought a big round of applause. She enthralled folks with interesting numbers like Diwani mastani, Piya Tose and Morni Baga ma and people started to dance by their tables. By the time Ms Jairath started ‘Do Lafzon ki hai’ and ‘Chura Liya’ everyone was on dance floor.

Another surge of excitement was seen when popular singer Bhupendra Singh came to stage with his popular numbers like ‘Do Dil’ and ‘Inteha ho gayee’……. His fans were just in a trance.

Raju Bankapur entered the stage with a big BANG number, Jumma Chumma and continued with his fast dancing medley ending with ‘Ye dosti’.

Fusion Qwali was a total hit with audience. It was a mix of Qwalies from different decades…Starting with Salam e Ishq meri jaan (Pratibha Jairath) including Na toh Karvan ki talash (Om Dhingra), Rashqe Kamar (Pradeep Sood and Vibha Rajput), Haal kya hai (Hari Mehta), Teri mehfil mein kismat, Allah ye ada and final piece Jhoom baraber Jhoom (Raju bankapur).

Multi-talented Raju Bankapur presented a beautiful flute item, one of his favorites “main tenu samjhava’ song.

Ms Jairath has strong ties with community because she has always maintained “Main Aasmaan nahin chhoona chahti, bus aapke dilon ko chho loon, meri yahi hai tammanna”. In her conversation with Mr. Mayur Ganger, she attributed the success of party to her wonderful friends.

Mr. Brij Sharma, a business entrepreneur, well known community leader and her strong supporter exclaimed “Wow, Pratibha, What a connection you have established with community that just with a few emails, you bring over 500 people to your party. You should continue this tradition of getting friends and community under one roof for festivals”.

The program had lot of variety which was appreciated by audience. Ms Jairath thanked a number of people who had brought their friend groups and especially Vandana Bankapur & Raju Bankapur for both decoration and execution help. She also commended her reception team Asha Mehta, Ranjana Gulati, Neelam Walia and Vandana Bankapur. She also thanked ‘Hitesh Master Orchestra team’ including Kafi Khan and Richard Christian for awesome music and Abhi Trivedi for doing DJ in last hour that kept people on the dance floor.

The ambience and arrangement of food was exceptional. There was a huge array of appetizers and dinner items that were certainly enjoyed by audience… people danced away thru the night and a number of them commented that that they were looking forward to the next party.

Pratibha Jairath (of Bollywood Sargam) enthralled audiences by Bollywood songs

Lamp lighting ceremony with invited guest and Sponsors

Audiences at Pratibha Jairath (of Bollywood Sargam) Diwali Party