FIA inducts Jayesh Patel and Ankur Vaidya to the board of trustees

The Annual General body meeting of the Federation of Indian Associations (Tri-State) inducted Jayesh Patel, FIA President 2005, and Ankur Vaidya, two-term FIA president 2014 & 2015, to the Board of Trustees (BOT) expanding it to a 15-member body

The announcement was made by Chandrakant Trivedi, secretary of the Board of Trustees, who read the process. Chairman Ramesh Patel supported the induction.

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Jayesh Patel has ties and affiliations with numerous organizations. Ankur Vaidya is a 9-year FIA veteran.

The two join the elite FIA Board of Trustees which consists of Chairman Ramesh Patel, Padma Shri H R Shah, Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Mr. Albert Jasani, Mr. Bipin Patel, Mr. Kanu Chauhan, Mr. Ram Gadhavi, Mr. Chandrakant Trivedi, Dr. Pravin Pandhi, Mr. Prabir Roy, Mr. Dipak Patel, Mr. Yash Paul Soi & Mr. Jagdish Patel.

Jayesh Patel

Ankur Vaidya