Hindus Love Trump: Book signing organized by Republican Hindu Coalition

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie were literally shocked to see the 1200+ crowd, with no space for even any standing room, at the Rana Reagan Community Center in Carol Stream, IL for the book signing ceremony for their New York Time Best sellers’ book: Trump’s Enemies. They were photographed taking pictures of the massive crowd carrying signs of “Hindus love Trump”, with a stunned look on Corey’s face.

Rana Reagan Community Center (RRCC) is a 60,000 sq. ft. facility given to the Hindu/Indian American community free of charge by the Kumar family, owners of the AVG group of companies. The facility is managed by Haribhai Patel, Ex. Vice President of RHC and National Indian American Public Policy Institute.

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RRCC is named after Kumar families’ two biggest heroes, Maharana Pratap and President Ronald Reagan, the unflinching dogged champions of freedom.

The event was organized under the leadership of Vikram Aditya Kumar, Chairman and CEO of the AVG group, and also Chairman of RHC, his wife Pooja Kumar, Vice Chair of RHC, and a former Miss India and now a practicing cosmetic surgeon in Chicago, his sister Manasvi Kumar, also a former Miss India and Vice Chair of RHC and NIAPPI, and the top leadership of RHC including Haribhai Patel, Siva Mopanar, Sudheer Chakka, Bhailal Patel, Rohit Joshi and Krishna Bansal.

Manasvi Kumar introduced Corey and David to the guests as the two most senior outside advisors of President Trump, followed by a video film on RHC and its contribution in getting Donald J. Trump elected as President of the United States through the now world famous “Ab ki Baar Trump Sarkar” campaign. The video show cased the RHC efforts in championing the causes important to the Hindu American community, including cutting off Foreign Aid to Pakistan, Celebration of Diwali in the Oval Office, and Merit based legal immigration. Highlight was the first Trump tweet of 2018, calling Pakistan to the carpet for being a bunch of “liars and cheats” and getting “33 billion dollars in foreign aid over the last ten years”. “No More”, the tweet said.

Vikram went over the contributions of the two authors in service of our country and the President of the United States. Corey served as the Campaign Manager of Trump from summer of 2015 to his nomination in July 2016, and David Bossie served as Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager from July to Election and then served as Deputy Director of Trump’s Transition team.

Vikram Aditya Kumar was followed by short remarks from the authors regarding the book. Highlight was the Q&A that followed wherein Corey told the story about his first conversation with Donald J. Trump in January of 2015 when Trump asked him to serve as his Campaign manager. Corey tried to dissuade Trump from running for President but Donald said: “If not me, who else? Country is going in the wrong direction and someone has to stop it.”

RHC leadership committees later had private conversations with Corey and David to go over issues important to them, particularly as they relate to IT companies owned by Hindu and Indian Americans. They told the RHC leadership to be patient, things will change as new players take charge in the White House after departure of John Kelly as Chief of Staff.