There's much more longevity in comedy acting career: Vir Das

New Delhi, Dec 11: Comedian-actor Vir Das says he does not see anything wrong in comics being typecast in films and that there is more longevity in a comedians acting career.

Asked if he feels Bollywood typecasts comedians in films, Vir told IANS: "I dont think that is just specific to Hindi cinema. It is specific to all cinema. Comedians are always typecast as comical in movies and series. I don't see anything wrong with that."

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He added: "If you can add layers to that and make it a performance that works for you and as yoru fan base or experience begins to grow comedians can branch out."

Vir, who will be seen in Netflix's upcoming show "Losing It", said that comedians can also branch out to other genres.

"Someone like Eddy Murphy or Ben Stiller or Anupam Kher or Boman Irani -- these are people who started out with comedy but have been able to do dramatic work, negative and positive work. So, I think there is much more longevity in a comedy acting career than the sexy boy acting career," he said.

On the Bollywood front, Vir will start shooting for the second installment of the "Go Goa Gone" franchise in 2019.