Nikki Haley to live in New York after leaving the UN

America’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley will remain in New York, even after relinquishing her post by the end of this month. She plans on staying in New York where her son attends high school, a report in Post and Courier noted.
‘South Carolina will always be home for Ambassador Haley and her family, and they look forward to returning to their friends and family in the Palmetto State after her son finishes high school,’ Haley spokeswoman Chaney Adams said in a statement.
Haley and her husband, Michael, recently sold their house in South Carolina.
Haley, 46, also plans to write her second book after leaving the UN. Her first book, ‘Can’t Is Not An Option’ in 2012, a year after she took over as governor, was success. It focused on her early life and rise in politics.

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In the new book, she might focus on her experiences as the governor and ambassador.
Observers believe that she may run for President in 2024 and a book will give a boost to the candidacy.