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'Government ID Authentication' feature comes to Adobe Sign


San Francisco, Dec 12: To help banking and financial services companies go further paperless, Adobe has announced a new signer identification feature called "Government ID Authentication" that uses a physical ID, like a driver's license or passport, as a form of digital ID authentication.

When enabled, signers are guided through the simple process of using their mobile phone to snap a photo of a physical ID card.

"Adobe Sign" evaluates the ID card's security features like patterns, fonts and layout, to authenticate the identity of the signer and allow them to complete the signature process.

This new way to authenticate a remote signer takes only seconds but it delivers a great signer experience, while reducing identity fraud concerns for the company, Adobe said in a statement late Tuesday.

"Providing this higher level of signer identity authentication will help our customers implement e-signatures in a whole host of new business processes," said Mike Prizament, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Document Cloud.

Many of the world's largest financial service providers already trust Adobe Sign for their customers' digital enrollment.

To integrate e-signatures into HR solution-based processes that eliminates paper-based workflows, Adobe also announced expanded integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

"To support HR organisations, we're releasing new, industry first integrations with two powerful HR solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and ServiceNow HR Service Delivery," said Prizament.

Adobe Sign is the first and only e-signature solution to be integrated with these HR platforms, giving Adobe customers even greater choice in how they adopt e-signatures into employee-centric processes, said the company.