Why 4-hour notice for 21-day lockdown, Modiji: Sibal

New Delhi, March 29 With thousands of migrant labourers forced to walk hundreds of km back to their native states, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly making no proper preparations before announcing the 21-day nationwide lockdown due to novel coronavirus spread.

"Modiji why: For Janata Curfew, four-day notice, for 21-day lockdown four-hour notice. No preparations in advance before lockdown. Migrants, jobless walking up to 200 km to reach home without food, shelter. Lakhs stranded on highways, clueless and incompetent," Sibal tweeted.

For the last three days, thousands of labourers have been thronging the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border in the hope of boarding buses to reach their native villages and towns.

On Sunday, the total coronavirus patients in India rose to 979, with 25 deaths across the country.