20,000 American Muslim pilgrims disappointed as coronavirus severely limits the Hajj pilgrimage

American Muslims will distribute meat from 3 million livestock animals in the refugee camps and poor countries of the world. Meat distribution in the US severely limited because of the pandemic
6 million American Muslims will be celebrating their high holiday of Eid al Adha on July 31, 2020. They will be joining their 1.3 billion brethren worldwide. This holiday which commemorates the lives of prophet Abraham and his son Ismail ( Ishmael), coincides with the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca which also commemorates the events in the lives of these two patriarchs.

This year’s Eid ul-Adha comes at a testing time for the Muslim community because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. The pilgrimage of Hajj was made off limits to Muslims outside of Saudi Arabia and tens of thousands of American Muslims had to cancel their plans. The usual Eid festivities and social gatherings are mostly canceled and the congregational prayers in the mosques will be limited affairs. The Muslim community is also greatly worried and hurt by the planned annexation of West Bank and continued occupation of the holy city of Jerusalem where Abraham had settled down and by the crass commercialization and objectification of women that is being allowed in the holy land of Hijaz,Saudi Arabia. The recent raunchy photo shoot of Arabian Vogue magazine near Medina has hurt the sentiments of Muslims in America. Muslims are not being allowed to commemorate their holiday in many countries of the world such as Burma, China and parts of India.

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The hallmark of the Eid where Muslims sacrifice lambs and cattle to share the meat with the poor and the relatives will be done overseas in regions ravaged by war and ethnic cleansing such as Syria, Yemen, Somalia along with the refugee camps and the poor parts of Africa and Asia. American Muslims have paid various relief agencies to offer more than 3 million livestock in sacrifice and distribute the fresh meat in the above mentioned countries.

What: Limited congregational eid players at the various mosques all over the US while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks along with their multi ethnic eid clothes. Eid dinners & exchange of gifts limited

When: 3 to 4 shifts every hour from 7 AM to 10 AM because of the coronavirus pandemic, of congregational Eid prayers on July 31, 2020

Where: Mosques (masjids) in various cities all over the US. Please contact Muslim Peace Coalition for more details

Background: The holiday of sacrifice or Eid Al Adha commemorates Abrahams willingness to submit (Tasleem or Islam) and sacrifice everything for God. It is through submission of one’s ego, desires, worldly relations and worldly possessions that one attends peace or Salam. God tested Abraham and when he passed every test, including courageously defying Nimrod, the despotic ruler of the land of Ur in Iraq; suffering patiently exile from his homeland without compromising on his mission to invite humanity to submit to one true God; his willingness to sacrifice his firstborn, Ismael, who was born to him in old age; God gave him the titles of “Leader of humanity” and “ Friend of God”.

The Bible also agrees that it was the first born son that Abraham was asked to sacrifice. The Bible and the Koran both state that Ismael was the first born. At the last minute God substituted a ram for the young Ismael.. The Quran also mentions that Ismael when informed of Abraham’s test willingly agreed to be sacrificed. It is because of this willing submission of Abraham he’s called as a Muslim ( one who submits and thus attains peace) in the Quran.

Muslim Peace coalition