Loveble moments with Dear Teacher Doctor S Meenakshi ( Gandhigram Rural Institute -- Deemed to be University) on the occasion of 'The Teachers' Day: SANA RUBS

I had been doing my M.Ed in Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed To Be University during 2009 -- 2010. Doctor Meenakshi was the warden of girls'

The very first day I happened to witness a strange scene in the hostel office.

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One of the students was in a troublesome situation and Metron had called her parents to take her back to home. That was the final moments for her to meet Hostel Warden and say goodbye. That Girl had packed her baggages and was ready to vacate hostel with utmost tension.

After a while Dr Meenakshi came and talked with the Metron.
Meenakshi Mam turned towards the girl and looked at her sympathetically.

"What actually happend here? Are you ready to tell me the truth? "
She asked the girl.

The girl nodded. Of course this girl was upset. She cried and tried to justify her. Her fingeres shivered with total confusion.
She had taken a deep breath and explained her version.

Mam patiently waited for her parents and heard all points of their view also.
Finally she said "Ok dear parents. We, authorities got some rules and regulations regarding these type of issues. Nevertheless, after hearing all these things I can do one thing. If you give assurance that this type of things will not be repeated in the future, I can take a risk on behalf of your daughter and will talk to authorities about herself continuing her studies here til her course get completed. What do you say?"
It was a perfect promise without missing any detail.
It seemed that they couldnot believe it!

It was a great moment!

That was my first experience with Meenakshimam.

I left Gandhigram in 2010. That time I couldn't get a chance to meet Dr Meenakshi because my entire work had been under teacher training department.
I joined as a teacher under Maldives Government. Maldivian students are very different. That Country's laws and child acts were very favourable to their students. I learned so many things from them and every time when I faced challenges I used to remember Meenakshi Mams' patience and her capability in dealing any situation.

I had a dream to do research in Chemistry and got opportunities in some universities and other colleges. Whenever I got a chance to choose my guide, I was in a dilemma; and was hesitant to take a decision.

My Pappa asked me why I felt a confusion. I said him about Mam and I was not sure about getting her as my guide because of my age, concentration level, mind set up, moreover I didnt know whether Dr Meenakshi will take me as a research scholar according to norms and rules of University.

Pappa said "Its all Ok. We can go and meet your Madam".
He unknowingly said 'your madam'.

I came to India during my vaccation. I tried many times to meet her. That time she was the HOD of Chemistry department.

I was affraid to write entrance exam though I am a teacher, but mam smiled and said.

" Rubeena, dont bother about it. You just write. You can."

I asked shyly. "What if I fail Mam?"

"Ok. If you fail, Then you write again. You know very well that there is no shame in falling down. True shame is in not standing up again."


'Wheel of fortune' gave me a chance to work under her guidence and she became 'My Mam'😍💜

My Goodness! That was really a blissful moment!

Wheel of time again turned. I was very happy and Mam gave me all support and guidence.
I made mistakes again and again 😅😄
My friends and seniors gave their bounquit of love and they were very affectionate towards me.
I can't continue further without mentioning the names of Dr Elanchezhiyan, Dr Pandi, Dr Preethi, Dr Tahira Bhanu, Karthi, Vigneswar and Ramkumar. I remember with gratitude to my other lab mates also. We went together to Pune to attend an International Seminar in Chemistry. That was an awesome experience!

It was a golden time for me with Mam and beloved friends.
The stars were in their angelic dance, moon laughed, time smiled as a silver coin and looked at me. The air was sweetened by the lallaby of nightingale. And the days and nights were mine. Mine alone!!

Alas !! The long days of summer had begun. The most unlucky time of my life started. My health issues caught me like a Pythone and I saw my dreams are going to be shattered.

I said to her "Mam, I dont have any hope. I am shattered into pieces..."

She said nothing.

One day suddenly she visited my home with her husband in my native place. I became astonished!
They have traveled thousands of miles. Mam touched me!
She tightly held me and all my broken pieces stick back together!
She said again, "you can overcome. This is nothing. Its a circle of dream. It will come again on your path."

Yes. Iam waiting for my golden future now.
I know that many teachers who are very best and reliable in this World. They dedicated their lives to nurture students' future.
Teachers, like her, planted seeds of knowledge and wisdom that grow forever. She got a mind like a beautiful flower with many colours and fragrance.

Doctor Meenakshi is the best example of how and what a teacher should be!! She is an exemplary person and is very unique!!!
For me, she is more than a lovable teacher and mentor!
I always wished to be a very good human, a good listener and a teacher like her!
I know that it is not an easy task and absolutely a difficult affair!!
But I will try.

Love you Mam, love you forever 💚💜💚💜

With love and love only

Sana Rubs
( AV Rubeena)