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Seeing (Jaya G Nair)

Have you not seen the wind?

Tickling you in soft embrace
Entices with many a smell
Plays hide and seek with leaves
Rustling the soft calm of ponds
Splashing the beach with fierce waves
Pulls your umbrella in jest, or
Swipes the hat off your head
Murmuring secrets many
Steals my dupatta and lets it fly...
Have you not seen the wind?

In the stillness of an afternoon
Blazing under cloudless skies
Palm leaves wait, impatient
for the dancing beat to start
Baby grasses bored to sleep
Birds perch on branches high
that yearn to swing, but can’t just yet
A bubble of sweat trickles down my
brow, then falls and mingles into an
Earth that waits, waits and waits.

Have you not seen the wind?