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US, EU to discuss Taiwan during their high-level dialogue on China

Washington [US], December 2 (ANI)
During the high-level US and European Union dialogue on China, both sides are slated to discuss issues associated with the security of Taiwan.
This came as China has significantly increased its military incursions in Taiwan. "Tomorrow, Deputy Secretary [of State Wendy] Sherman and Secretary-General of the European External Action Service (EEAS) Stefano Sannino will lead the second high-level meeting of the US and EU dialogue on China," Sputnik news agency reported citing a US official.
"The discussion will focus on key areas, including technology, human rights, multilateralism, disinformation and security," the official said adding that Taiwan will be the topic of discussions.
On Monday, the US had called for additional cooperation with its allies to deter potential military aggression by China.
The statement came from the US Department of Defence (DOD) while summing up the conclusions of 'Global Posture Review', initiated by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in March.
"In the Indo-Pacific, the review directs additional cooperation with allies and partners to advance initiatives that contribute to regional stability and deter potential Chinese military aggression and threats from North Korea," the DOD said.
These initiatives include seeking greater regional access for military partnership activities; enhancing infrastructure in Australia and the Pacific Islands; and planning rotational aircraft deployments in Australia, as announced in September.
Both sides will issue a joint statement at the conclusion of the bilateral dialogue, the official said.
This came as China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, a democracy of almost 24 million people located off the southeastern coast of mainland China.
Despite being governed separately for more than seven decades, Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan.
China has also threatened that "Taiwan's independence" means war.