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NYC to set up humanitarian relief centres to handle asylum seekers: Mayor


New York, Sep 23 : New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that authorities will set up and open transitory humanitarian emergency response and relief centre in the coming weeks to handle the influx of migrants transported from Texas and other states that share a border with Mexico.

These humanitarian relief centres will provide assistance to newly arriving individuals and families and ensure they continue to be connected to the full range of services and support they need, Xinhua news agency quoted the Mayor as saying in a statement on Thursday.

Asylum seekers would stay at humanitarian relief centres for one to four days and have access to shelter, food, medical care, case work services and a range of settlement options including through connections to family and friends inside and outside of New York City, according to the city government.

"This emergency response represents what we know must be done during this humanitarian crisis, as we continue to seek assistance from our federal and state partners to continue this work," said Adams.

New York City has contracted hotels to provide shelter to migrants and other homeless people on an emergency basis after city shelters were exhausted.

"Two humanitarian relief centres will open in the coming weeks: Orchard Beach will open first serving adults, and a second location is still being finalised.

"Additional humanitarian relief centre may be opened in the coming weeks, as needed," the statement added.

Several Republican Governors have relocated migrants from their states in protest against President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

A record-high number of migrants were bused into New York City on Sunday, according to local media reports.

So far this year, federal agents have made about 1.82 million arrests at the country's southern border, according to figures released by the Customs and Border Protection.