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GIC Condemns Brutal Child Abuse In Kerala


Global Indian Council (GIC) condemned a recent child abuse news in Kerala, which got media attention when a video was published on many news channels.

Though GIC is a new organization, it has set up its eyes and feet in different continents by starting its chapters locally and nationally. The incident happened in Kannur, one of the districts in Kerala; a little homeless 6-year-old boy was beaten and kicked on his chest by a young man for leaning on his car for a while.

GIC Cabinet Committee, the highest body of the organization, condemned the brutal action of the culprit. As an organization, we have empathy for the injured and will have our voices heard by the appropriate authorities for preventive measures in the future.

It is unfortunate to happen such a cruel act in a country like India, wherein cultural values are taught and practiced well. As today's children are tomorrow's future and are supposed to build our nation and a better world, we must treat them courteously.

General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar said, Mutual respect to living beings or fellow beings needs to be part of society, and the value has to be part of daily life as we preach all are created equal, and we breathe same air!! Education and awareness are essential!!

Treasurer Tara Shajan stated being homeless was not his mistake. But as an adult human being recognizing that child's needs and responding would have been better. The child was leaning, not destroying his car. Around the world, millions of children are found homeless, sleeping in the streets, under bridges, or on deserted properties, where they are deprived of the most basic human needs, housing, food, and clothing. As an organization, we should bring awareness among so-called educated or wealthy adult persons.

Associate Treasurer Tom George Kolath said it was so unfortunate and heartbreaking to see the CC tv visuals. Arresting him is a necessity however, this very same incident should give more awareness for our generation not to hurt our children or homeless individuals. It’s not their fault for being homeless and the children should be protected the way they should be. That kick on that little boy was a kick to the chest of humanity.
Various members of GIC have voiced concerns on this issue at a cabinet meeting.