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Kashmiri student's 'search of God' at Kochi Biennale makes a mark


Kochi, Jan 10
A distinctive art performance from the "heaven of the earth" is making an impression at the Kochi Muziris Biennale, as the artist's very attempt is to portray a wandering mind in search of the creator himself.

'Mad Man' made its debut at the 5th edition of the Kochi Biennale when Nasir Ahmad Sheikh, a final year Fine Arts degree student at the University of Kashmir, came to stage, carrying a lantern in hand, seeking an answer to the question "where to find God".

The artist, during its performance, depicted the hurricane lantern in the most creative way to pose the question, enabling the audience to instantly strike a chord with the work. Nasir has made a special effort to enact the work in the form of a story narration through self-composed poems in the Kashmiri language, various grandma stories transmitted by word of mouth, and his own experiences, to present a unique experience to the audience.

He was supported Aby Malik Irtiza, a graduate in Visual Arts, and Sadaf Sawlath and Aurooj Nasir, Fine Arts students of the Kashmir University, all of whom are Kashmir natives.

"The fictional character who shouted 'God is dead' on the street, thereby earning the nickname 'Mad Man' is the inspiration behind this creation," Nasir said.

His mind filled with memories of his beloved grandmother, Nasir has been travelling for months to different parts of the world with a lantern in search of the "imprint of the God".

"Each place presents me with different experiences and responses," revealed the artist.