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80 officials in Delhi prisons transferred


New Delhi, May 26
Eighty officials in various prisons in Delhi were transferred weeks after the killing of gangster Tillu Tajpuriya inside Tihar prison by members of a rival gang on May 2.

However, the prison spokesperson said that these were routine transfers.

According to officials, 80 officials have been transferred within jails including Mandoli, Tihar, Rohini jails and headquarters.

"The officials include five deputy superintendents, nine assistant superintendents, eight head warders and 58 warders," said the official.

Earlier, this month 99 officials of Tihar Jail including 11 deputy superintendents, 12 assistant superintendents, head warders and warders were transferred by the Director General (Prisons) Sanjay Beniwal, who deemed the killing of Tajpuriya inside prison a grave matter.

"However, the transferred officers/officials shall draw their salary from where they were drawing earlier. Further, all the above-mentioned officers/officials hereby stand relieved with immediate effect without waiting for formal relieving from concerned jails/offices. Non-compliance of the order shall be viewed seriously," the transfer order had read.

The killing of Tajpuriya has prompted the authorities to undertake a comprehensive review of the situation, resulting in a strategic overhaul of operations and implementation of essential reforms at the grassroots level.