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North Korea’s Lazarus gang steals $240 mn in crypto in last 104 days: Report


New Delhi, Sep 18
The notorious North Korean hacking group Lazarus has been held responsible for stealing approximately $240 million worth of crypto assets in the last 104 days, a new report has revealed.

According to the blockchain surveillance firm Elliptic, the hacking group stole crypto assets from Atomic Wallet ($100 million) CoinsPaid ($37.3 million), Alphapo ($60 million), and ($41 million).

The hacking group has been linked to five major crypto hacks over the past three months. The latest, according to blockchain data, was the global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, which was hacked last week for an estimated amount of $53 million.

However, CoinEx informed customers in a response update that it is still trying to calculate how much money was stolen, but current findings revealed that around $70 million was stolen from the platform -- higher than the reported amount.

“Elliptic analysis confirms that some of the funds stolen from CoinEx were sent to an address which was used by the Lazarus group to launder funds stolen from the Drake-backed crypto casio, albeit on a different blockchain,” the researchers said.

Moreover, the report said that the findings corroborate those of on-chain sleuth ZachXBT, who on X (formerly Twitter) said that the CoinEx hacker had “accidentally connected their address” to the Stake hack.

The hacker first transferred the stolen funds to Ethereum via a bridge that was used by Lazarus in the past. Then, the hacker moved the funds to a wallet address that is known to be under their control. The majority of the funds were taken from the Tron and Polygon blockchains.

According to the report, Lazarus hackers also used addresses seen in the Stake hack as well as an address seen in the $100 million Atomic wallet hack.

“In light of this blockchain activity, and in the absence of information suggesting the CoinEx hack was conducted by any other threat group, Elliptic agrees that Lazarus Group should be suspected for the theft of funds from CoinEx,” the researchers stated.

Other hacks in which Lazarus has been recently implicated include the crypto payments platform CoinsPaid in late June, and the crypto payment provider Alphapo in July.

Lazarus has been recently implicated in several other hacks involving crypto payment platforms, including CoinsPaid in June and Alphapo in July.