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Isha Sharma, Nishant Malkani enjoy Shikara ride for ‘Pashminna’


Mumbai, Sep 18
Actress Isha Sharma, who is set to portray the titular character of Pashminna, and actor Nishant Malkani, who will play Raghav in the upcoming television show, ‘Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke’, enjoyed a lovely Shikara boat ride for one of the show's scenes.

The scene was shot against the stunning backdrop of Kashmir's serene waters, and the chemistry between the lead actors is touted to turn the scene into an unforgettable affair for the viewers.

Talking about filming the scene, Nishant Malkani said: “Filming amidst the beautiful locations of Kashmir, including a memorable Shikara boat ride, has been an incredible experience. It feels great to be part of a show on television that has elements of classic romance. Kashmir's charm is one-of-a-kind, and filming here is truly enriching. I had the incredible opportunity to ride in a Shikara for the show, and the experience was truly unforgettable.”

The show promises to showcase an extraordinary tale of love between two individuals from entirely different worlds. Set against the picturesque landscapes of Srinagar and Gulmarg in Kashmir, the show brings a large-screen cinematic experience to the small screen for its audiences.

Isha Sharma said: “Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, I'm truly a 'mountain baby,' and the mountains have always been my source of happiness. Now, with 'Pashminna,' I have the privilege of merging my love for mountains with a narrative that holds deep significance to me. I'm making countless unforgettable memories while shooting for 'Pashminna' in the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir, and among them, the Shikara boat ride stands out and is close to my heart. Pashminna' is a story that I am eagerly looking forward to.”

‘Pashminna’ will premiere on Sony SAB in October.