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Israel rejects US suggestion of post-war Gaza control to Palestinian Authority


Tel Aviv, Nov 19
The Israel government has rejected a suggestion by the US for handing over the control of Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority (PA) after the end of the war.

According to sources in the Israel Prime Minister's office, the Israel government has rejected the suggestion of the Palestinian Authority controlling the rule of Gaza strip after the war.

Israel has informed the US that the PA may not be able to wield considerable control in the Gaza strip as the possibility of Hamas regrouping would be more.

The Israel side, also said that the Israel Government wishes the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to control Gaza for the time being and to later discuss further possibilities.

The Israeli government has informed that Hamas had a history of executing senior leaders of the Palestinian Authority to capture power in the Gaza strip. The Israel Security Agency (ISA) is also stiffly opposed to handing over the control of the Gaza strip to the Palestinian Authority (PA).