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Keanu Reeves goes John Wick mode on bass guitar in Los Angeles concert


Los Angeles, Nov 21
Actor Keanu Reeves, who is best known for his role as the assassin John Wick from the film series, is currently performing with his rock band Dogstar.

Rocking out the night in a concert in Los Angeles, Reeves displayed incredible skill with his bass guitar, going John Wick on it.

In a fan captured footage from their latest Los Angeles gig this week, the alternative rock band was playing their song ‘Sunrise’. While normally Reeves plays simple chords, this time he put his full skill to the test, revealing the actual extent of his skills with a bass guitar.

Dogstar is currently doing a North American tour, hitting stops such as New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and more recently Los Angeles.

Dogstar’s touring has barely ended and it doesn’t look like they are in any mood to stop either. A close-end concert inside a big stadium, Reeves enjoys himself a great deal while playing, and that is evident from his playing as he constantly improves himself, taking on bigger challenges to prove himself as a bassist, just as improvising on Dogstar’s tracks.