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Israeli hostages: A tale of separation and reunion


Tel Aviv, Nov 28
Carmit Palty Katzir -- daughter of Hannah Katzir, who was released from Hamas captivity, had to go through trauma of separation and reunion following the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Following the attack, Carmit’s father (Rami Katzir) was killed while her mother (Hannah Katzir) and brother (Elan Katzir) were taken hostage by the Hamas. Katzir family resides in Kibbutz; they are originally from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

“It was a black day filled with fear, uncertainty, and shock. We were unable to handle the grave situation,” Carmit said.

Carmit lost contact with her parents after 9:30 AM. “I was the last one who spoke to my brother,” she said.

Following the kidnapping of her mother and brother, she first saw them after Hamas released the videos of the hostages. “We were happy to see her in these videos,” Carmit said.

Last week Carmit received the news that Hamas will be releasing her family members on humanitarian grounds. However, she was soon to receive the “bad news” that her mother was dead.

On last Thursday, Carmit then received the good news that her mother has not died and will be released along with other hostages.

“After we got the news that my mother is alive our happiness knew no boundaries. But at the same time we wanted to keep a low profile following the uncertainty of negotiations between the Israeli government and Hamas,” Carmit said.

Carmit, after going through an ordeal, met her mother at an Israeli hospital after she was released following Qatar brokered deal between Israel and Hamas.

“We saw her at the hospital. The reunion was filled with emotions,” Carmit said.

Not knowing about her husband’s death, she (Hannah) immediately asked Carmit about her husband and her son (Elan).

“My mother wasn’t in a good medical condition. She had lost 20 kilos. So, we did not share the news with her. We’re ecstatic that my mother is back,” Carmit said.

She said that the fight is on to get Elan and other hostages released from Hamas.

“Israeli government should get all the hostages and my brother back at the earliest,” Carmit said.