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Indian Americans For Trump Asks Nikki Haley To Resolve Her Differences With Trump For The Sake Of Republicans And Herself


WARREN – NJ, Feb. 8, 2024 – Democrats are picking words to attack Trump that Nikki Haley uses to attack him. Prominently, US Senator Chuck Schumer applied Nikki Haley’s very frequently used word “Chaos” to describe Trump. Schumer, in blaming Trump for the quick collapse of the border bill that would have assimilated the 9.6 million migrants who walked in the USA through the US-Mexico border during the Biden’s presidency, and without stopping new migrants from walking in through the broken border from all over the world. He said that Donald Trump wants “chaos.” This is just one example of one word that Democrats are using from Nikki Haley as weapons of political fight for the presidency between the two parties and Nikki Haley is unintentionally becoming an instrument of the Democrat’s plan.

With Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada primary activities over and no win for Haley, there is no way for her to win against Biden or even Republican nomination against Trump. She can only be a Republican spoiler. Therefore, the Indian Americans for Trump 2024 asks her to resolve her differences with Trump and the Republican Party before she causes further damage to the chances of Trump’s and the Republicans’ victories in 2024. If she decides to continue on this path, she will tarnish her pollical standing beyond repair.

The Indian Americans for Trump 2024 urges all Americans, irrespective of their nationality,
race, color, gender, or creed, etc., to join us in our effort by supporting Donald J. Trump in his endeavor to make America great again by reelecting him to be the President of the USA. They encourage all Americans to volunteer or become members of this volunteer organization or get more detail by contacting Vice President Aparna Virmani at [email protected] or Vice President Anura Rupasinghe at [email protected] is no membership fee or financial obligation to join the committee.