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Attacks on temples prompt Indian American lawmakers to demand Justice Department response


April 2 :
In response to recent assaults on houses of worship, particularly mandirs, or Hindu temples, across the country, a group of congressional representatives spearheaded by Raja Krishnamoorthi has spoken out strongly against the violence. Ro Khanna, Shri Thanedar, Pramila Jayapal, and Ami Bera are among the members of the group that have written a letter to the DOJ, asking for an update on the investigations into these occurrences and a more comprehensive plan to fight hate crimes against Hindus.

Hindu Americans are feeling more collectively anxious as a result of "attacks at mandirs from New York to California," the Members stated. Many people in the affected areas are still living in constant fear and intimidation, since "leaders from these impacted communities have expressed there are unfortunately 'no leads' on suspects," the letter said.

The letter highlighted how the communities impacted are still in a condition of dread and uncertainty due to the slow progress in identifying suspects. Some have questioned whether or not federal oversight is necessary to guarantee equal treatment under the law and whether or not law enforcement agencies work together.

We must fight together to eradicate bigotry and prejudice against all racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities in the United States; it only takes a small number of hate crimes to instill terror in an already vulnerable group. Accordingly, we implore you to enlighten us as to the Department's stance on the issue of hate crimes perpetrated against Hindus in America.

The signatories have come together to highlight the need for the Department of Justice to be transparent about its strategy for dealing with hate crimes against Hindus, and they have also emphasised the significance of joint efforts to fight all kinds of hatred. They have requested a meeting to discuss the issue immediately, with a deadline of April 18th. The Indian diaspora and South Asian communities are increasingly worried about their safety and religious freedom in the US, according to Khanderao Kand, Chief of Policy and Strategy at the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies. This calls for federal intervention comes at a time when their concerns are growing.

There was an alarming uptick in robberies, vandalism, and gratifies at American temples in the first quarter of 2024, which scared away worshippers. Given the history of local authorities' inability to conduct thorough investigations, we applaud the Indian American House of Representatives for requesting that the FBI and DOJ look into these cases. "We hope that the FBI and DOJ will investigate to uncover any campaign or conspiracy that may be behind these attacks. The South Asian and Indian diaspora deserve assurances about their safety and religious freedom,"