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Google Search's 'more about this page” feature now available in Hindi


New Delhi, April 3
In order to give people access to Google Search's tools that can help them quickly evaluate content online, the company on Tuesday expanded two features -- About this image and About this page -- to 40 additional languages globally, including Hindi.

"The 'more about this page' feature in About this result is now available in 40 additional languages globally including French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese," Google said in a blogpost.

Google's 'About this result' feature lets users get context about a website before they click through.

In addition, the 'About this image' feature gives users a quick way to check the background and context of images they see online.

"These tools can help you get the context you need to feel more confident about what you’re seeing online -- whether it’s checking an image or the online source you’re reading," the tech giant said.

Moreover, the company mentioned that its 'Fact Check Explorer' tool will help journalists and fact-checkers dig deeper into a topic.

"When you search for a topic, you can easily find fact checks that have been investigated by independent organisations from around the world. And now you can use Fact Check Explorer to find out more about an image," according to Google.

Journalists and fact-checkers can also use this tool through the Fact Check Tools API, which gives them the ability to show relevant fact-checks for an image on their own websites.