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S. Korea's hydrogen charging infra deteriorates in past 3 years: Report


Seoul, April 7
South Korea's charging infrastructure for hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) deteriorated in the past three years, a local automobile association said on Sunday.

The number of hydrogen FCEVs per charging, or refuelling, station came to 203 in March this year, up 12 per cent from 180 in March 2021, which means a lack of charging spots for hydrogen car owners, according to the Korea Automobile & Mobility Association (KAMA).

In the past three years, the country's hydrogen car registrations have far exceeded the number of newly established hydrogen charging stations, reports Yonhap news agency

The number of hydrogen car registrations jumped to 34,872 units from 12,439 during the cited period, while that of hydrogen stations rose to 172 from 69.

Of local provinces and cities, Sejong, 113 kilometres south of Seoul, saw its hydrogen charging infrastructure worsen the most in the mentioned period, with the number of hydrogen cars per station soaring to 224 from 53, the association said.

In contrast, Gangwon Province's hydrogen charging infrastructure improved the most, with the number of hydrogen cars per station dropping to 226 from 484.