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Indian Foreign Minister Discusses Monitoring the Progress of the US Consulate in Bengaluru


April 17 :
S. Jaishankar, India's minister of external affairs, has stated that he is closely monitoring the opening of the US consulate in Bengaluru and regularly notifies the relevant authorities of that fact.

"Indeed, it's an accomplishment I should discuss when I visit Bengaluru," Jaishankar stated while addressing a press conference on April 15 in the Indian city. We are closely monitoring the process of the consulate's formation.

On the American side, he added, there's a precise procedure that needs to be followed, including allocating resources and getting approval, before the consulate can be established. It seems to me that they are heading in that direction. I will be present to remind them time and time again that this consulate must be completed promptly.

On behalf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jaishankar expressed an interest in visiting the consulate. While in the United States last June, he had made this same request, he said. "I tell them that whenever you do the consulate, I would like to come here on behalf of Prime Minister Modi because this was a request that Prime Minister Modi got done when he went on a state visit to America in June last year," according to the EAM.

"It was about time" to build a consulate in Bengaluru, according to local citizens of the city. Many American corporations outsource their work to the city. This is why a lot of Bengaluru-based professionals have to go both ways. In fact, you may fly straight from Bengaluru to the United States. Anu Krishna, a resident of the area, told New India Abroad that the consulate ought to have been set up a long time ago.

A consulate in Bengaluru was long overdue, according to startup founder Ritesh Mathur. Why should locals bother making the trip to larger cities like Delhi or Mumbai just to pick up their visas? Bengaluru and Karnataka also send a large number of tourists to the United States. The four consulates that the US currently maintains in India are located in the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolata. The United States Embassy in New Delhi is in charge of them.