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Florida Hosts South Asian International Film Festival: April 19th-20th


April 17,
Short films, documentaries, and features from India, Pakistan, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States will be on display at the first South Asian International Film Festival Florida in Tampa, Florida.

In a first for the area, the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFFF) will take place on April 19 and 20. The films playing at the festival will showcase the diverse and vibrant South Asian cinematic heritage. SAIFFF is a non-profit organisation.

An enthusiastic group of film aficionados from several walks of life, including local company owners, scientists, IT experts, and doctors, have come together to form SAIFFF, which, according to the press release, will be a joyous occasion honouring culture, originality, and community.

Bollywood actor Omy Vaidya's Marathi film 'Aaichya Gavat Marathi Bol,' 'Dada Lakhmi,' directed by renowned actor Yashpal Sharma, and the North American premiere of 'Proof of Concept,' a feature film by local Floridian filmmaker Anjani Pandey are among the highlights of SAIFFF. The film 'The Lost Girls,' which depicts the poignant journey of Suhani, separated during the 1984 Sikh riots,' is one of the other films set to screen.

Also playing at SAIFFF is "The Peace Activists," a biopic on the lives of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi that uses a dramatic scenario to show how the two leaders were very similar in their commitment to nonviolence and the cause of peace, as well as their use of civil disobedience.

I Am Not Down, 'The Beginning,' 'From Sweden, With Love,' 'She; Who Lives,' 'Once Upon a Time in Lahore,' 'Jamun Ka Darakht,' and 'Dancing in Fire,' a documentary film from Nepal,' are just a few of the captivating short films and documentaries that will be shown at the festival.

The SAIFFF is hoping that other famous actors and actresses will confirm their appearance, but they are expecting big names like Yashpal Sharma and Aryan Vaid.

In addition to watching films, guests can take part in thought-provoking panel discussions, lively question and answer sessions with the directors, and unique activities that highlight different facets of South Asian film and culture.

Hemant Dinkar, creator and organiser of SAIFFF, remarked, "We believe in the power of cinema to bridge cultures, celebrate diversity, and showcase the incredible talent of South Asian filmmakers." For this reason, the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFFF) will be held in Tampa, Florida. "Our aim is to establish a medium that does double duty, engaging viewers with entertaining content while simultaneously shedding light on the diverse array of stories and viewpoints from South Asia,"

Bringing this festival to Tampa is part of our larger effort to encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation as well as to give locals a taste of the South Asian cinematic magic without leaving Florida. We are thrilled to bring these captivating stories and films to our community and be a part of Tampa's thriving arts scene," he continued.

Local sponsors like GroundGame Health, Sakar Trust, Teavity & Mathnasium make SAIFFF feasible in Tampa, according to the announcement.Visit to purchase tickets to Tampa's inaugural South Asian International Film Festival.