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Viksit Bharat Ambassador: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar praises PM Modi, makes appeal to first-time voters


New Delhi, April 17
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader and the founder of Art of Living Foundation on Wednesday heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting new benchmarks of governance and also made a fervent appeal to first-time voters to cast their vote for making the democracy more vibrant.

Addressing the Viksit Bharat Ambassadors in Bengaluru, Ravi Shankar said that today was a moment of pride for the nation as the Ram Navami festival was being celebrated at the birthplace of Ram Lalla, for the first time in 500 years.

“This has made the Ram bhakts and devotees highly emotional. Lord Ram can’t be detached from our lives as it forms the core of our existence,” he said.

He also lamented that previous governments did not do enough about it and said that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who brought an end to ‘politics over Ram Mandir’ and turned a centuries-old dream into reality, in the shortest possible time.

Appreciating PM Modi’s sincere efforts and strict adherence to religious customs, he said that the Prime Minister doesn’t believe in superficial things and does everything with a ‘clean heart and strong resolve’.

“PM Modi followed the ascetic 11-day Yam Niyam before the Pran Pratistha ceremony of Ram Lalla. He also keeps fast on all nine days of Navratri. By strictly following the Hindu rituals, he has set a benchmark for his successors and they will have a tough time in meeting the standards set by PM Modi,” said Ravi Shankar.

“PM Modi has set high standards of governance in the last ten years. He doesn’t socialise on Sunday, rather does ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the countrymen. He celebrates Diwali with the jawans on borders. Whoever becomes his successor in times to come, will have to maintain this standard,” he said.

The nation needs such committed leadership to attain the goal of Viksit Bharat, he said, while adding that Lord Ram always stood for such ideals and governance.

“For setting ourselves on the path of development, we have to unite our efforts besides inculcating a positive mindset. You can’t become a Viksit Bharat Ambassador unless you are eager and inspired to attain the same. To achieve this mission, everyone should come together and contribute to the mission,” he said.

In a message to first-time voters in the ensuing General Elections 2024, he appealed to the youth to cast their vote and not hesitate in exercising their franchise.

“You should think about yourself as an active participant of the vibrant democracy and vote with a positive mindset that your vote has the power to give direction to the country’s growth,” he said.

He appealed the first-time voters to not get discouraged and disoriented by local issues and rather vote for taking Bharat to new heights.

“For becoming an agent of change and a stakeholder in the country’s development, you must cast your ballot,” he told the Viksit Bharat Ambassadors.

“We are all citizens of the world’s biggest democracy and we must keep doing our bit to make it stronger and keep contributing, even if you consider it insignificant,” he added.