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Empowering the Next Generation: FOMAA Capital Region Collaborates with Edu Mithra “Fly for NASA” Groundbreaking Space Program for Students


Edu Mithra Intellectual Services, an organization located in Cochin and Abu Dhabi, which
focuses on children's education, had the idea of organizing a “Fly to NASA” program to
provide opportunities for children who are interested in space science to visit NASA. To make
this idea successful, when the leaders of Edu Mitra visited Washington DC, current FOMAA
Capital Region RVP, Dr. Madhu Nambiar took the initiative and assisted in taking them to NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. This is NASA’s premiere space flight
complex and home to the nation’s largest organization of scientists, engineers, and
technologists who build spacecraft, instruments, and new technology to study Earth, the Sun,
our solar system, and the universe. We discussed the “Fly to NASA” program with NASA

Dr. Nambiar also guided them to visit the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian
Institution in Washington, D.C., dedicated to human flight and space exploration. The leaders
also visited the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's
annex at Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Virginia. After that, the leaders visited the
Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida, and discussed it with the officials. They agreed to
assist with the “Fly to NASA” program.
The “Fly to NASA” is a groundbreaking opportunity for aspiring space enthusiasts. This initiative
goes beyond mere education; it's a transformative journey that affords participants the chance
to realize their lifelong dreams of visiting NASA. By immersing themselves in the epicenter of
space exploration, these students will not only enrich their knowledge but also fuel their passion,
propelling them toward the realization of their goals.

They will visit the Kennedy Air and Space Center from May 11th to May 15 th . Then, they will
arrive in Washington, D.C., where they plan to visit the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and
all the Air and Space museums. Dr. Nambiar and the FOMAA Capital Region will be hosting
them in Washington, D.C., and taking care of their stay, food, and travel needs. The team of
students is also planning to visit New York on May 18 th .
Edu Mithra Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd’s overarching vision is to empower students by
deepening their understanding of their own potential, while our mission revolves around
providing a distinctive competitive platform aimed at identifying and nurturing young talents
destined for the forefront of the future. At the core of their initiatives lie flagship programs such
as the International Space Science Olympiad, Indian Space Science Olympiad, UAE Space
Olympiad, Space Safari, National Space Science Olympiad, Math Olympiads, and a diverse
array of both online and offline classes. These programs serve as catalysts for igniting the
passion and curiosity of students, propelling them toward excellence in the realm of space

Furthermore, their reach extends beyond borders with an extended office in the UAE, tasked
with overseeing operations in the region and ensuring a seamless experience for participants.
FOMAA Capital Region is happy to assist the team. One of FOMAA's objectives is to organize
and coordinate educational activities on a national and international level for the benefit of the
community. Dr. Nambiar, FOMAA RVP, said this is the fruit of hard work, dedication, and
commitment and is a true success story.