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White House Praises India’s Vibrant Democracy Amid Recent Diplomatic Dialogue


May 18 :
On May 17, the White House praised the Indian people for participating in the general elections and hailed India as a country with a dynamic democracy. At a news conference, responding to a reporter's question about the Indian elections, White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby made the comments.

Democracy in India is one of the world's most dynamic systems. We commend the Indian people for making use of their right to vote and for engaging in the process of choosing their future leaders. "Of course, we wish them well," Kirby added.

In response to a follow-up inquiry regarding the state of India-US relations under Narendra Modi's leadership, Kirby stated that the partnership between the two countries had undeniably grown stronger during the final three years of Joe Biden's presidency.

Kirby made the comment that the United States' relationship with India is intensely intimate and strengthening. While you were in the state, you saw it when you were last there. Along with launching a plethora of new projects, we have been collaborating on crucial emerging technologies and, of course, strengthening and growing the importance of the Indo-Pacific quartet, of which India is a member. And that's not even counting the military cooperation and people-to-people interactions between India and ourselves.

"The collaboration is flourishing and full of energy. Next, the White House spokesman expressed gratitude for Prime Minister Modi's leadership.

In a recent address, President Biden used the term "xenophobic" to describe countries like India and Japan, who are members of the Quad. Kirby further emphasised that Biden was just making a larger point about this country. "The president was trying to make a larger point about the strength and openness of our democracy in the US," Kirby explained, mentioning that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had previously cleared things up.