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Indian-Origin Engineer Applauded by Elon Musk for Impact on Tesla's Success


June 10 :
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spoken highly of Ashok Elluswamy, an engineer of Indian descent, for his contributions to the company's autopilot system. On June 9, Musk wrote on social media about how Elluswamy had helped the project. When Elluswamy, Tesla's first engineer on the Autopilot team, presented his story on X, it all started. Musk reposted the message in which he and the AI/autopilot team were hailed for their innovative work.

Hashok started out as the lone AI/Autopilot developer at Tesla but worked his way up to become the head of all AI/Autopilot software. Tesla would be "just another car company looking for an autonomous supplier that doesn't exist" if it weren't for him and his incredible staff, Musk claimed.

Since joining Tesla in June 2014, Elluswamy has accumulated ten years of experience. His promotion to senior software engineer came after 2.5 years on the job. He continues in his current position as director of Tesla Autopilot Software, which he was appointed to in May 2019.

The College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai is where Elluswamy earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. He went on to Carnegie Mellon University to get an MS in Robotic Systems Development.

In the two years prior to his employment at Tesla, Elluswamy was a software engineer with WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. His next stop was the Volkswagen Electronic Research Lab, where he worked as an intern.

Musk was hailed by Elluswamy as a "key driver" of Tesla's AI efforts. With his leadership, @elonmusk has propelled Tesla's AI and autonomous initiatives. "He has consistently encouraged us to accomplish remarkable feats, even when doing so seemed insurmountable," he wrote on social media. Elluswamy, who is headquartered in San Francisco, continued by praising Musk for his major roles in Tesla's expansion.