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Indian American Community in Houston Celebrates NDA's Triumph in Indian Elections


June 10 :
In honour of the National Democratic Alliance's victory in India's most recent Lok Sabha Elections, which were spearheaded by the Bharatiya Janata Party, members of Houston's Indian American community recently celebrated. After gaining the majority, the Prime Minister was selected to head the coalition and establish the government. His third consecutive term as prime minister of India will begin on June 9 when he takes the oath of office.

The event drew over 400 people, including community leaders, volunteers, and Indian diaspora members. The local team began the event by giving a presentation about the BJP's election performance.

The audience was also shown speeches given by Prime Minister Modi, his alliance colleagues Nitish Kumar and Chandra Babu Naidu. Community leader Ramesh Shah addressed the gathering, detailing his campaign activities in over 110 villages across Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

He said that the villagers he met on his travels kept telling him about the progress Narendra Modi had made as prime minister, especially with regard to the Jan Dhan Yojana and the distribution of petrol cylinders through the Ujjwala scheme.

Volunteers in Houston stayed up all night to contact people in India to praise Prime Minister Modi's development initiatives, as highlighted by Megha Raja and Shalini Kapoor, who were involved in the phone call campaign. With the help of volunteers, Sravanthi Tirunagari showed how an app was made in a few days and how efforts to reach out to people were turned into digital forms.

Spokespeople from Odisha, Sambit Pradhan and Swagatika Nayak, discussed the BJP's accomplishment in forming a government in their state and the factors that contributed to it. One of the speakers, Haku Israni, who played a key role in planning the first BJP rally in Houston for LK Advani, stressed the importance of media coverage. He insisted that the prejudice in major Western media outlets must be addressed and corrected immediately.

Ramesh Shah, PV Patel, Sudhi Seshachala, Prasad Gurajala, and Punit Shah were among the volunteers that travelled to India to assist with the campaign. They recounted the personal impact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiatives had on them. Lastly, the event's coordinator, Achelesh Amar, made sure to acknowledge the volunteers' efforts. Speaking on the importance of International Yoga Day and the role played by Prime Minister Modi in its establishment, Suresh Patel—one of the few yoga instructors in Houston in the 1980s—discussed the topic.