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President Biden Visits American Cemetery in France, Honoring Site Previously Overlooked by Former President Trump


French city of BELLEAU June 10 :
US President Joe Biden and Mrs. Jill Biden paid a visit to an American cemetery in France. On the other hand, previous president Donald Trump was heavily criticised when he refused to visit the same cemetery in 2018. The Bidens paid their respects to the American soldiers and marines who died in World War One at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Belleau, which is located about 85 kilometres (50 miles) east of Paris, as they were wrapping up their journey to France.

Biden told reporters that the idea of avoiding significant wars in Europe is simply not practical. Our alliances are extremely essential because of this. In November, Democrats Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off in the reelection race.

In 2018, the White House announced that President Trump, who was also visiting France at the time, was unable to visit the cemetery due to inclement weather. Rather than him, the former chief of staff, the retired general John Kelly, showed up, despite the light rain.

Although he refrained from naming Trump, Biden did state that he would not have visited Normandy without also stopping by Aisne-Marne.

U.S. forces were present. According to Biden, the United States of America stepped up to prevent the Germans from prevailing, to halt them, and to show up whenever we are needed.

He went on to say that he and French President Emmanuel Macron had worked out a plan to assist Ukraine with the proceeds from the sale of frozen Russian assets.

After a state visit to Paris and a celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day with veterans of World War Two in Normandy, Biden is wrapping up a five-day tour.

In speeches at locations across the Normandy coast, such as the spot where US Army Rangers ascended a 100-foot (30.5-meter) cliff during the D-Day landings, he has alludes to Trump in a subtle but non-naming way throughout the tour. While Trump has been dismissive of NATO and threatened not to support its members unless they pay more for their defence, Biden has advocated to maintain strong US partnerships.