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Communication, analytical most in-demand soft skills in India’s BFSI sector: Report


New Delhi, June 12
Communication skills (27 per cent), English proficiency (10 per cent), and analytical skills (8 per cent) are the most in-demand soft skills in India's Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, a new report revealed on Wednesday.

According to the global hiring and matching platform Indeed, communication skills were highly valued, highlighting their importance, reflecting the sector's focus on customer-centric services and the need for clear communication of complex financial information.

"The BFSI sector is undergoing a transformation, recognising the pivotal role of soft skills in driving innovation, customer satisfaction, and overall organisational success," said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed.

The report calculated the percentage of specified jobs that contain BFSI skills and benefits in the job description.

While soft skills are gaining importance, technical proficiencies remain vital for BFSI professionals.

The most sought-after technical skills include -- Accounting (12 per cent), Microsoft Excel (9 per cent), Microsoft Office (9 per cent), SAP (7 per cent), Sales (5 per cent), Microsoft PowerPoint (5 per cent) and Agile Methodologies (4.5 per cent).

"By mastering the integration of soft and technical skills, individuals can position themselves as highly sought-after assets, capable of driving organisational success," said Kumar.