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Govt’s push on Infra and manufacturing to continue: Vikas Khemani


New Delhi, June 12
Vikas Khemani, Founder of Carnelian Asset Management, on Wednesday, said that the government policies have remained focused on infra and manufacturing reform after the coalition government was formed at the Centre.

“Our investment strategy isn't going to change with the formation of a coalition government. We believe that we will see major reforms in critical sectors of the economy,” Vikas Khemani said.

Khemani said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already made it clear what he has to do in the next five years.

“There has been no major reshuffle in the new cabinet, which shows that the government's policies will continue. This is a very positive message for the market,” Khemani said.

He said the Prime Minister has also talked about becoming self-reliant many times. “I think the ongoing reforms in key sectors like power and infrastructure will continue. Our focus will be more on power because India will need more electricity in the next few years,” he said

He added that due to structural reforms done by the government, the shares of government companies are rising.

“In the last year, HAL has given returns of 164 per cent, BHEL 242 per cent, BEL 143 per cent, and SBI 45 per cent,” Khemani said.