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Trump Foresees Biden Continuing His 2024 Presidential Campaign


July 9 :
Trump, a Republican running for president, predicted that Joe Biden would stay in the race even though there were increasing demands for Biden to retire and be replaced by a younger Democratic nominee. On Monday, Trump (78 years old) said that Biden (81 years old) would not step down from his campaign due to his ego. He also pointed out that the president had already secured the Democratic nomination with all the convention delegates he received in the Democratic primary elections earlier this year.

Time and again, Biden has stated his intention to remain in the race. Curiously, he has a great deal of influence due to his control over the delegates. According to Trump, who spoke to Sean Hannity over the phone during a Fox News interview, "You know, when you have the delegates, unless he says, 'I'm getting out,'" the only way to remove him from office is through the 25th amendment.

When the president is unable to carry out his responsibilities as president, the vice president and other cabinet members can declare this and the vice president will assume the presidency as acting president under the 25th amendment of the United States constitution. No one has suggested that alternative, including senior Democrats and Vice President Kamala Harris.

His ego is causing him to refuse to give up. He has no interest in doing that. During his 2020 re-election campaign, Trump defeated the former president's opponent, who he said wanted to do just that, according to Trump.

Increasing voices inside Biden's party are calling for him to step down from the campaign, and the dismal June 27 debate versus Trump has added further uncertainty to the Democratic Party, which has led to the interview's timing. In a recent video, Trump made some casual remarks at one of his golf clubs, falsely telling fans that he had forced Biden to get out of the race. However, this contradicts his interview.