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US company acquires Indian co-production 'The Eichmann Show'

Mumbai, Feb 9
British film “The Eichmann Show” has been acquired by the Weinstein Company for the US.

Co-produced by India’s Sheetal Talwar with BBC and Laurence Bowen and Ken Marshall of Feelgood fiction from Britain, the film, directed by Paul Andrew Williams, recounts the global transmission of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief Nazi architects of the Holocaust. It was broadcast to over 37 countries.

“We are extremely thrilled to have someone like the Weinstein’s who understand quality cinema on board. It only bolsters our faith that good cinema will always find good partners,” Talwar, managing director, Vistaar Film Fund, said in a statement.

The movie stars Martin Freeman of “Sherlock” fame.

“The extraordinary story of how the Eichmann trial came to be televised and shown around the world has never been told. By allowing Holocaust survivors to share their stories with a huge viewing audience, it unblocked whole strata of shame and denial. It literally changed history,” Bowen said.