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Muslim chamber welcomes cow slaughter ban


Aligarh, March 4
The Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) here has welcomed the ban on cow slaughter in Maharashtra and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clamp a nationwide ban.

The chamber said the Maharashtra government's move will effectively help improve cattle wealth and increase milk production.

MCCI director Jasim Mohammad told IANS: "Earlier also there was a law in the state but it was not properly implemented. In the fresh law, slaughter of calfs and oxens have also been banned along with cow.

"This is very justified. This is a historic step. Some people are saying that due to the ban, a large number of people will lose their livelihood. But this is a misconception because buffalo slaughter has not been banned.

"Due to unchecked slaughter of animals, which also include cow, the country is facing shortage of milk and milk-based products."

Mohammad said the ban on cow slaughter should be extended to the whole country.

MCCI is launching a national signature campaign to request Prime Minister Modi to ban cow slaughter in the country with a central legislation.