A Father's Mission to Strengthen the Bond of the Autism and Tech Community

I was honored to be asked to emcee the Future of Technology Summit... However, I am more compelled by the story behind this summit and the importance of technology advancement and STEM.
From the words of Shaji Nair, founder of the summit: “I am often asked, what propels me to take the Future of Technology Summit to the most powerful cities of the world. While I am passionate about technology, my moonshot mission of building an enduring partnership between Autism community and Tech leaders, stems from my up-close experience as a father of an 11-year old autistic son.
The Future of Technology Summit was first launched at Washington DC, the most powerful capital in the world to achieve the mission to:
Bring thought leadership to influential cities around the world

Bring innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together around the technologies of the future. Build an enduring partnership between the autism community and tech leadership.
I am optimistic that the technologies of the future can impact and improve the quality of so many lives, by making the world easier and more inclusive for people, including that of my son. I know I am making an emotional appeal, but I am largely driven by an optimist future, where people with autism are wholeheartedly supported to overcome their difficulties and respected for their abilities and their value to the world. I would also appreciate if you just share this information with at least 10 people within your network, asking them to share it further within their network.
By just sharing this, more and more people will come to know about the impact we can make and this will help support the Autism community at large.
I can tell you that it has been a very fulfilling journey for me and my wife Karthika to be able to propagate the goals of this Summit to as many people as I possibly can. I look forward to your support and hope to see you at the Summit.”

Photo: Shaji Nair