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Every Malayalee who happened to view the calendar, issued by the Malayalee Association in Washington DC last year, might have been filled with a feeling of wonder and pride. For, all of the twelve paintings exhibited in this calendar, as attached with the twelve months were a truthful representation of the natural scenic beauty of kerala. These paintings, which unveil the mesmerising greenery of kerala with a touch of originality, bring back the native spectators to the past memories with a feeling of nostalgia.The ingenuity behind the fingers which applied these beautiful colours are that of non other than George Jacob, who is a US settled Malayalee and an entrepreneur

Is there any keralite who will not cherish the memories of kerala beaches dotted with lush coconut trees and the beauty of river Nila in night, bathed in moonlight? The paintings of Mr Jacob, bear testimony to the fact that a feeling for their motherland is hoisted like a flag in their blood, even when they live in a foreign land.These twelve pictures were specially selected from his other works, for they are capable of transferring the beauty and the real heart throb of kerala even to the people of other cultures.
The mood swings of the climate in kerala in accordance with the seasonal changes and its geographical changes are skillfully depicted in these paintings. No fellow who hails from kerala can ever forget the advent of 'Thiruvathira Njattuvela' and the festival of 'Onam' which comes thereafter.Even the snowy 'Christmas Eve' and the 'Meda Vishu' festival are still alive in the minds of each keralite, wherever they go. This artist collects together and exhibits all these magnificent incidents in a series, which are real life experiences for somebody and perhaps, for some others a loss that happened long ago. Seeing these painting, it would not be surprising if anybody hums these lines of the legendary poet and lyricist Vayalar Rama varma that, 'Eemanoharatheeraththutharumoiniyorujanmamkoodi'.
George Jacob who is born and brought up in Vettiyar in Alleppey district, Kerala, felt interested in painting and began to pursue it from his childhood itself.Even though he gave up his passion for this art, for the sake of his engineering studies, he revived it, after he got settled in the US. George Jacob who is fond of depicting his paintings, through the medium of 'water colour', is very active in this field.
In his opinion, this medum is very tough to use.Possibility of making errors are much higher in this medium, if not used carefully. These mistakes are difficult to correct. An artist may meet with an element of 'uncertainity' while handling this medium. That is, he may feel doubtful about the successful completion of his work. It is a task that keeps the artists constantly in a state of anticipation. Even though it is a little bit challenging, therein lies the thrill also. Mr. Jacob has to spend atleast thirty minutes to twenty hours for each of his paintings depending on the subject and structure.And even though, it is an artistic style many of the artists hesitate to use, George Jacob is happy to continue this artistic exploration, through the medium of 'water colour'.
In his case, a 'visual' or a 'photograph' which catches attraction is often taken as a reference.First step is to set up a 'composition'.For this purpose, a lot of matters have to be taken into account , as in the case of photography.Lights and shades play a major role.Firstly, he will avoid the unnecessary things if any.Then comes the selection of the scheme which presents the main subject.
In his words, each painting should be intriguing to the spectators, like a 'story' which arouses curiosity in the reader. Mr. Jacob is of the view that, there is no condition that only the artist should define his own painting.He likes to share with or transfer the right of defining and interpreting his paintings to the viewers.This gives a 'space' for the beholder and a freedom to interpret as they see.
George Jacob is not in favour of presenting a painting as 'photo realistic'. Instead of it, he wishes that his works should enable each viewer to question it with a streak of curiosity and find answers on their own. And moreover, another important factor where proper attention should be given is the selection and application of colours. Because, colours plays a major role in creating the 'mood' for each painting. In his opinon it is easy to access and train this art nowadays for, the facility of internet is open to all. And so can be learned by anybody at any age.'
It is really appreciable that, the beauty of one's own motherland is blooming through this artist's brush stroke, even though he resides in the US. Moreover, even the place where he resides now also becomes subjects for his paintings. Mr. Jacob is equally interested in depicting both the scenic beauty of kerala and the west. These paintings have earned the appreciation of art lovers from all cultures, for they hold within themselves a story.
George Jacob who is a graduate in electrical engineering, is happily settled in the US, with his wife Blessy and three children. His paintings have been exhibited several times in the US and has been acclaimed by many. Now, he is preparing for another art exhibition which is expected to be conducted in Kerala in the month of August. For more information about his paintings or purchase a print please visit this