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100 women members of FICCI visit Kochi Biennale


Kochi, Jan 21
A delegation of 100 women entrepreneurs who are members of FLO, the women's chapter of FICCI (Federation of India Chamber of Commerce and Industries) paid a visit to the ongoing fifth edition of the Kochi Biennale, being held here at multiple venues.

The group, led by Jayshree Menon, Chairperson, had an unforgettable experience as they benefitted immensely from the aesthetic value of the thought-provoking creations on display.

"The visit aims to empower women in the field of art learning," said Menon.

"The members of FLO, which runs many charity organisations, will be inspired to work towards the betterment of society after being influenced by the rich ideas presented here," she added.

The Bengaluru-based FLO chair said that "such artworks enable the audience to find meaning at levels beyond the scope of thoughts. That such a diverse exhibition of art is being held in my own country is a rich experience in life".

The delegation's visit was coordinated by T.S. Prasad, Director of the Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation, Bengaluru, with a focus on art, heritage, and culture.

The foundation, which runs its own art gallery, has an education project aimed at bringing people closer to contemporary art.