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Call center service: George Parambil's new endeavor, a pioneering effort in unchartered territory


It has been said that if you want to have the capability to answer calls to your office around the clock, would need to be a robot. Finally, George Parambil has found an alternative solution. That is the story he would like to share with you below here.
India is also known as a country of call centers. Once the I.T. revolution got underway, western entrepreneurs found English speaking personnel from these call centers economically viable and productive. However, one would find very few Malayalees taking any risk setting up a call center either in India or the U.S. Therefore, Parambil's initiative is considered pathbreaking.
Parambil currently runs VIP Connection, a chauffeured ground transportation and logistics company headquartered in NYC who for the last 30 years has provided service to Fortune 500 customers, celebrities, athletes, and leisure travelers in more than 500+ cities worldwide. VIP provides a one-stop solution for all ground transportation solutions from an executive sedan or SUV, to larger vehicles such as Sprinter Van, Stretch Limo or any size Bus. VIP Clients are met at the airport with a name sign, chauffeur in a suit, bottled water and hand sanitizer. More information can be found about VIP Connection at
Smart, professional and dedicated employees are the backbone for any business. They are entitled to a good salary, paid leave, unemployment benefits, and workman's compensation. Maintaining a permanent workforce in the U.S. with all of these benefits is costly to operate. Moreover, the stringent labor laws and regulations further add on additional costs and often unexpected ones as well.
If a business has to be competitive while not sacrificing quality, rising costs have to be appropriately managed. That thinking has led Mr. Parambil to interact with someone who successfully ran a call center in the Philippines. Originally, the idea was found to be far-fetched, and Parambil was quite reluctant to venture into such unchartered territory. After careful consideration a decision was made to test the waters, and he agreed to acquire the growing call center and allowed Parabmil to hit the ground running with ten agents with excellent customer service and communication skills.
Operating in the Philippines now for nearly 10 years, Parambil has grown the operation considerably since it’s humble beginnings. Today Parambil provides call center services to not only VIP Connection, but also to other transportation companies located throughout the US and employing a staff of nearly 60 people. The company also has expanded into other lines of business as well including Virtual Assistance and Medical Billing. The office is located in Davao City, one of the largest islands in the Phippines. Parambil has found the quality of the employees in Davao City superior to those in the capital city of Manilla, where the call center business is saturated.
Parambil points out that there are many advantages for those who want to use the services of their call center. For a fixed monthly fee, Parambil’s customers receive a list of candidates that the company can choose from for their Virtual Agent after looking at their resume and conducting interviews through Zoom. Once selected the Virtual Agent is dedicated to the company and can be trained remotely like any new employee learning the ins and outs of the company and learning what is needed to succeed. Agents are available for shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Parambil also pointed out that they operate the call center in compliance with the labor laws and wage conditions in the Philippines. GetRemoteAgenets uses the RingCentral VOIP telephone system, which makes the transition easy and friendly. This digital system is advanced and convenient for making phone calls, chats, conference and video calls. Employer can watch their employees through webcam and the office is covered by CCTV cameras. This is a differentiator for Parambil as many other call centers do not provide this level of surveillance. The call center is located in downtown area close to the fiber hub and near transportation. Callers are not required to download any application to use the system. Signing up is simple and anyone can use this service, especially ideal for doctors, lawyers, realtors, etc. Just open the website and fill up a form to sign up.
Call center communication is critical to the availablity and continuous relationship with your custome. If a customer does not get a response when they call your company or email you, they may look elsewhere! Successful customer service will require responsive and effective communication to assess their needs and provide them with the proper response!
Parambil is confident that (' can help your business be engaged with your customers by being available when you are not. Whether you want GetRemoteAgents to answer all your phone calls and emails, or only the surplus that you cannot get to yourself, GetRemoteAgents can tailor a solution that meets your needs perfectly.
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