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Trump campaign releases note from doctor, says he's in 'excellent' health


Washington, Nov 21
The campaign of Donald Trump has released a note from the latter's doctor, saying that he is in “excellent” health and that his cognitive exams “were exceptional” amid several verbal slips that have brought the former US President's age to the forefront as he is seeking a second term in office.

The note released on Monday is written by Bruce Aronwald, who describes himself as “Trump’s personal physician since 2021”, CNN reported.

Aronwald writes that the former President’s most recent “comprehensive examination” was September 13, and that his “cardiovascular studies are all normal and cancer screening tests” were negative, and that Trump had “reduced his weight".

The letter, however, does not include information about the types of tests that Trump took or what the results were.

It also does not include basic information that Trump’s physicians have shared in the past, such as his height and weight, cholesterol level or blood pressure.

In 2015, Trump's then-campaign had released a similar letter written by Harold Bornstein, which said that "his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary".

But Bornstein later said that Trump dictated the letter to him.

Monday's letter came a day after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, said that incumbent President Joe Biden and Trump were too old to run for the White House for another term.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, the 45-year-old DeSantis said the presidency is “not a job for somebody that is pushing 80”.

“I just think that that’s something that has been shown with Joe Biden. Father Time is undefeated. Donald Trump is not exempt from any of that," the Republican said.

When Biden, who turned 81on Monday, entered the White House in January 2021, he became the country's oldest President at the age of 78.

Meanwhile Trump, who became the first President in American history without prior public office or military background, took office in 2017 when he was 71 years old.

In the 2024 presidential election campaigning, age has become a topic of main focus, with Trump mocking Biden and questioning his mental fitness for office.

But the former President has also had a fair share of gaffes and verbal slips on the trail.

Meanwhile, DeSantis's campaign launching an “accident tracker” for Trump gaffes last month that highlights apparent verbal slip-ups, such as when the former President appeared to confuse his predecessor Barack Obama with Biden.