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IDF surrounds Gaza's Jabalya region


Tel Aviv, Nov 21
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Tuesday said that it has surrounded Jabalya region of the Gaza Strip which is considered one of the strongholds of Hamas.

The IDF in a statement said that its artillery unit from the 215th brigade and also its air strikes have helped encircle the region.

"The IDF has destroyed the terror infrastructure with combined attacks from the ground as well as from the air," it added.

The statement noted that combat forces from the 551st division along with special forces opened the path for the other battalions to enter Jabalya and also to thwart the attack from Hamas men.

"The IDF destroyed several tunnel shafts and captured many buildings from which Hamas had operated after killing many members of the terror outfit," the statement added.

The IDF launched the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip on October 27 and has now reached the Gaza main area and has taken control of the Al-Shifa hospital complex which it claimed was the centre of Hamas operations including its underground tunnel network.