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Mossad Chief in Doha for fresh talks, will meet CIA Chief for release of more hostages


Tel Aviv, Nov 28
Mossad Chief David Barnea reached Doha on Tuesday to hold fresh talks with Hamas, he will also meet Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief William Barns.

The meeting assumes significance in wake of hostage release negotiations between Hamas and Israel.

The CIA Chief William Barns has played a pivotal role in securing the release of the hostages and has also undertaken several discussions with the Qatar mediators for the release.

Qatar senior officials were also hosted by Mossad Chief in Israel a few days earlier.

Sources told IANS that Mossad Chief will ask Hamas for the release of all the women and children.

They said that he will also hold talks with Qatar authorities and CIA Chief for the release of soldiers in Hamas captivity.

Hamas has already released 51 Israeli citizens including women and children and 19 foreign nationals since the release of hostages commenced on November 24.

Israel has agreed to the release 30 Palestinian security prisoners.

Sources said that Mossad Chief has communicated that it will increase the ceasefire for a further couple of days if more hostages are released from Hamas captivity.