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At APAICS Gala, Joe Biden Takes Aim at Donald Trump, Dubbing Him a 'Loser'


May 15 :
At the annual dinner of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) on May 14, President Joe Biden called out former President Trump as "that loser" in his speech. Even the most conservative Republicans had expressed support for a bipartisan border compromise earlier this year, but it was ultimately defeated because to Trump's actions, according to Biden's address. Republicans were urged by Biden to "act" in response to the bill.

Both the House and the Senate have shown their support for that bipartisan bill. "That other guy, that loser," Biden remarked, addressing the likely Republican presidential nominee. From what I can tell, he's struggling. "You must ensure that that Senate bill does not reach a vote," Trump told Republicans in a phone conversation, adding, "It would be a win for Biden and a loss for me."

Yet he is mistaken. As Biden pointed out, "America needs it done," and Republicans in Congress must act for the sake of doing what is right.

Sen. James Lankford (R-KS) was instrumental in crafting the bipartisan border security pact that Trump harshly criticised earlier this year. He characterised it as "a great gift to the Democrats" and a "death wish" for the GOP.

In addition to allocating $20 billion for border security measures, the accord gave the federal government more authority to administer the border, including the temporary power to deport migrants when daily crossings exceeded a certain threshold. Among its many goals was the elimination of "catch and release," the improvement of asylum screening standards, and the acceleration of claim processing times.

National security spending for friends in the Indo-Pacific region, Israel, and Ukraine was a key component of the pact. After the border security accord fell through, though, this part passed on its own.

During the speech on May 14, Biden vehemently opposed Trump's policies on taxes and spending as well as his management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Did he do it? I have no idea. Biden suggested that Trump's recommendation that Americans inject disinfectant into their bodies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic would provide some light.

Trump and Republican lawmakers "added more to the national debt than in any other presidential term," the president declared. "My predecessor wants to cut Social Security and Medicare," he asserted. "I will not tolerate it any longer."