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Mother's Day is celebrated at the AristaCare Nursing Home in New Jersey.


May 15 :
In 2024, on May 12, the long-term care facility AristaCare celebrated Mother's Day with the help of the Indian Business Association. The facility in New Jersey is known for its renowned and culturally sensitive Indian programme. About two hundred people showed up, including relatives and prominent well-wishers like AristaCare president Heshy Klein and chief executive officer Sidney Greenberger. Greenberger expresses his enthusiasm for "revolutionising the healthcare industry" on his LinkedIn profile.

Mukund and Rama Thakar have been instrumental in the development of AristaCare's Indian Nursing Home Programme for nearly 20 years."Every Indian festival is celebrated, including Mother's Day," Mukund Thakar said i Jay Thakar—the couple's son and the head of community relations—discussed the IBA's decision to honour Greenberger and Klein for their "exceptional contributions to the Indian community." In 2005, they stepped up to back the Thakars' Indian programme because they saw its potential.

At the event, dancing performances were showcased by students from the nearby Bharatnatyam school. The resident mothers of the old-age home were brought in on wheelchairs to be feted and enjoy the festivities.

At the event, Greenberger and Klein's work and AristaCare's distinctive services were discussed by Dhiren Amin, president of IBA, and his team.

As he took his keepsake, Greenberger expressed his gratitude to the IBA, Mukund, and Rama Thakar for their assistance. By next year, the partnership will have been going strong for 20 years, as pointed out by Greenberger. The other distinguished guests, such as Padma Shri laureate Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold, TV Asia's H.R. Shah, and others, were also acknowledged by him.

The Thakar family and IBA were recognised by Dr. Parikh "for their great service to the community." He made the observation that the Indian programme was appealing since, as one ages, it becomes more vital to have one's culture and follow tradition. "A lot of people love it. He thanked his own mother, who resides at the care centre, and wished everyone a happy mother's day. He went on to say that people from all over the country want to come here. He exclaimed, "I hope she will live past 110!" in reference to the woman's age of 101. He reaffirmed Parikh Worldwide Media's backing for IBA and AristaCare.

Several speakers, including Ajay Patil, a councilman for Edison Township, and Bharat Rana, president of the Federation of Indian Seniors Association of North America, lauded AristaCare. IBA's Chandrakant Patel and Sharad Aggarwal were among them. Special recognition was bestowed upon Rama Thakar's work by Rana. There are 450 people here, and she is their mother. To everyone of them, she is like a mother. "She sacrificed everything—her time, her family—to take care of them," Rana remarked.