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Influencer Aastha Shah flaunts her vitiligo on Cannes red carpet


Mumbai, May 18
Mumbai-based content creator Aastha Shah walked the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival as the first Indian with the skin disorder, vitiligo, saying she wanted to show everyone that beauty comes in all shades and patterns.

Aastha, who proudly flaunted her vitiligo at Cannes, said: "For years, I struggled with feeling beautiful because of my vitiligo. Today, I walked the red carpet at Cannes, not in spite of my vitiligo but because of it. I want to show everyone that beauty comes in all shades and patterns."

She donned a stunning green gown by designer Fouad Sarkis. The ethereal gown perfectly complemented her poise and elegance. The intricate design and flowing silhouette highlighted her natural beauty, drawing attention to her vitiligo in a way that was both empowering and inspiring.

The content creator, who has one million followers, is being supported by the popular short video magazine, 'Brut'.

She took to Instagram and dropped a series of photos from D-Day.

Aastha wrote: "Greenest flag on the red carpet at Cannes."

The 26-year-old diva had earlier told IANS: "I have been living with vitiligo since I was a child. Initially, I had patches and was on medication. I was never really conscious about my body because my parents always made me feel comfortable. It was society at large that made me feel like there was something wrong with me."

She said that she stopped medication after her vitiligo spread all over her body. Aastha took this call because she wanted to start accepting herself the way she was and encourage everybody around her to do the same.

Aastha described Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow, who is known globally as the 'Vitiligo Queen', as her biggest inspiration.