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Biden addresses the issue of gun safety following his son's conviction on weapons charges.


June 12 :
Reports from Washington, DC -Just hours after his son Hunter was found guilty of falsifying drug test results in order to unlawfully purchase a firearm, President Joe Biden highlighted the administration's initiatives to decrease crime and illicit gun trafficking at a meeting on June 11 to avoid gun violence.

Although he did not bring up the subject in his June 11 speech to survivors of gun violence, mayors, parents, and educators, Biden later released a statement in which he acknowledged the case's verdict. With his kid by his side, Biden was scheduled to make his way back to Wilmington, Delaware later that day.

Rather than dwelling on their grief, Biden commended victims of gun violence for their will to find ways to stop future massacres. "All the victims of gun violence are not forgotten"—Biden stated, referring to the survivors' words and deeds. Their sacrifice was not in vain.

In the run-up to the November election, the Democratic president—who is challenging Trump for a second term—emphasized the administration's efforts to decrease crime in the wake of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act's two-year anniversary.

The shootings at a supermarket in New York and an elementary school in Texas prompted the passage of that law. It did a lot of things, including making it a crime for people to buy guns under false pretences by not disclosing who they actually intend to use them.

The White House stated on June 11 that over 500 individuals had been indicted by the Department of Justice for breaking the provisions of a gun safety statute passed two years ago, which dealt with gun trafficking and straw purchase.

In the first quarter of 2024, homicides reduced by 26 percent, robberies fell by over 18 percent, and violent crime generally dropped by 15 percent, according to preliminary figures given by the FBI, which Biden praised.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators cut short Biden's address. Biden begged the crowd to be patient, stating, "innocent children have been lost.", as their anger mounted. Many Democrats are unhappy with Biden's response to the Gaza conflict, and the president frequently encounters demonstrators at his rallies.

The Trump administration had the highest documented spike in homicides, according to the White House. To lessen the number of casualties caused by firearms in urban centres and schools, Democrats generally support stronger gun control measures.

Many Republicans, backed by the gun rights organisation the National Rifle Association, are against tougher regulations, pointing to the Second Amendment's guarantee of the freedom to keep and bear arms. Trump has promised to roll back gun restrictions enacted by Biden, and this month he received the support of the leading gun rights organisation in the country.