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160 rockets fired at northern Israel: Israeli Army


Jerusalem, June 12
About 160 rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel on Wednesday morning, said the Israeli army, after Israeli airstrikes killed four Hezbollah officials, including a senior commander.

In the early morning, the military said approximately 90 projectiles were identified launched from Lebanon. The National Fire and Rescue Authority said that the rockets caused fires in several areas, reports Xinhua news agency.

Later in the morning, a barrage of some 70 rockets was fired toward Western Galilee and Mount Meron in Upper Galilee region, where a key aerial defense control unit is located.

"A number of the projectiles were intercepted, most of them fell in open areas, and several fell in a number of locations in northern Israel," the military said, adding that the details were still under review.

So far, no injuries have been reported by the Israeli side.

In response to the latest barrage, Israeli aircraft struck the launcher in the area of Yaroun.

The barrage marked the largest rocket attack by militants in Lebanon on Israel since the beginning of the new round of Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7, 2023.

The Upper Galilee Regional Council called on residents to reduce outdoor activities to essential ones only, citing fear of additional barrages.