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US State Department Insists Ukraine Resolution Follow UN Charter as PM Modi Meets Putin


July 9 :
The US would urge India to stress to Russia that any settlement to the crisis in Ukraine must be in accordance with the UN Charter, according to US Department of State Spokesperson Matthew Miller, who spoke on Monday, July 9, in Washington, DC.

Modi and Orban recently met with Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine. We applaud this bold step and urge India and other countries dealing with Russia to protect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in any peace deal involving the country. "Our concerns about India's ties with Russia are part of our open and honest discussions with India, a strategic partner," Miller stated.

The US State Department made its comments during an informal meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Putin's Novo-Ogaryovo residence on Monday. Future plans for the two countries' relationship development were discussed at the conference.

The two heads of state spoke about the situation in Ukraine, and later on Tuesday, they will have more in-depth talks. Indian officials have stated publicly that their country believes fighting in Ukraine will not resolve the situation. Both sides are necessary for a peaceful resolution of the issue, according to the global south's perspective, which emphasizes the importance of diplomacy and open conversation.
Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, who is visiting Russia for two days on official business, had an informal meeting at Putin's Novo-Ogaryovo house near Moscow. Discussions will center on pressing global and regional concerns, as well as the future of the amicable relationship between Russia and India. In a post on X, the Russian Embassy stated, "#DruzhbaDosti #RussiaIndia

Putin embraced and firmly shook hands with Prime Minister Modi upon their arrival in Russia. "My dear friend, it is a pleasure to see you," Putin added. We can have a casual conversation on the same subjects before the official meeting. After that, they were observed strolling across the president's mansion while conversing.

"Thank you to President Putin for hosting me at Novo-Ogaryovo this evening," Modi wrote on X PM Putin, adding that he was excited for Tuesday's comprehensive conversations. Anticipating our discussions tomorrow as well; they will undoubtedly strengthen the friendship between Russia and India.

During his visit to the ROSATOM pavilion and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi will lay a wreath. At Russian President Putin's request, Prime Minister Modi landed in Moscow earlier on Monday on a two-day official visit to attend the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit. Denis Manturov, Russia's First Deputy Prime Minister, met Prime Minister Modi at Vnukovo-II Airport. At the airport, Prime Minister Modi was given a ceremonial welcome.